Wading Staff Retractor

Stay connected Keep your wading staff secure and at the ready, with this bomber retractor built with a braided Spectra cable. Featuring an ample three feet of reach, Retractors conveniently connect to both wading staff straps and sheaths.

The four-section staff includes a FastLock system, similar to touring-style ski poles, for customizable lengths between 51 and 56 inches A contoured cork handle delivers non-slip grip. And the ergonomic strap is quick-release enabled for enhanced safety in the field. Neoprene sheath comes standard.

- Lightweight and rigid carbon fiber tubing
- Contoured cork around handle allows for secure grip
- Locking detent button and adjustable FastLock for customized length between 51in and 56in
- Ergonomic strap has a quick‐release mechanism for safety
- Fits the Wading Staff Retractor (not included) and Wading - Staff Rubber Tip (not included)

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